Definitions for "Tropism"
Modification of the direction of growth, caused by some external influence, such as light; -- sometimes used for motion of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus, more properly called taxis.
Gr. tropos: to turn] • In plants, growth toward or away from a stimulus such as light (phototropism) or gravity (gravitropism).
the movement and response of plants as a result of light, gravity, water, or other causes
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Tropism is the name of a Canadian harsh noise band founded by "Tnon" and "Pleb" in 1994 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Although not official members, Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey of the industrial band Orphx were important early contributors. As of 2006, there are over 200 Tropism "releases" which can be divided into three periods: early (1994-1995), middle (1996-1999), and current (2000-present).
a being whose behaviour is genetic, or hardwired, with no flexibility and no thought, but that, in terms of its behaviour and all other publically observable phenomena, appears intelligent
affinity for or the tendency to move toward something; the specific attraction of a virus or other microorganism to a particular host tissue, determined in part by host cell surface markers (e.g., some HIV strains have a tropism for CD4 cells).
The ability of a virus to infect specific cell or tissue types.