Definitions for "Trolley"
Keywords:  streetcar, hoist, cart, truck, overhead
A form of truck which can be tilted, for carrying railroad materials, or the like.
A narrow cart that is pushed by hand or drawn by an animal.
A truck from which the load is suspended in some kinds of cranes.
Keywords:  golf, banned, drag, battery, fitted
On to which a golf bag is fitted and pulled around the course. In some cases trolleys are battery powered. In other cases, people should be banned from having them, because they drag them into places for which they were not designed.
Prior to actually purchasing one of our services it is added to a virtual shopping trolley. This means that any number of services (up to the maximum value of £300) can be added to the trolley and paid for in a single transaction at the end. Some items may be modified while they are in the trolley, or even removed from the trolley if no longer required.
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a definite asset it carrying a long way
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Another name for "light ra