Definitions for "Trivium"
The three " liberal" arts, grammar, logic, and rhetoric; -- being a triple way, as it were, to eloquence.
The three anterior ambulacra of echinoderms, collectively.
Grammer, rhetoric and logic, the literary components of the seven liberal arts; the other four subjects were called the quadrivium. (Lynch, Joseph H. The Medieval Church: A Brief History, 365)
Trivium are a metalcore-influenced thrash metal band from Orlando, Florida. They formed in 2000 after the band's original singer saw Matt Heafy performing at a high school talent show. Their most recent album The Crusade peaked at #25 on the US Billboard 200 and inside the Top 10 in the UK.
Trivium (EP) is a demo EP and first release from Floridian thrash metal/metalcore band Trivium. It was released sometime in 2003 before the release of the final cut, Ember to Inferno.
Trivium is a synchronous stream cipher designed to provide a flexible trade-off between speed and gate count in hardware, and reasonably efficient software implementation.