Definitions for "Trimmer"
Keywords:  header, joist, stud, hearth, stair
A beam, into which are framed the ends of headers in floor framing, as when a hole is to be left for stairs, or to avoid bringing joists near chimneys, and the like. See Illust. of Header.
A piece of timber used to frame around openings.
The studs into which a header is framed -sometimes called a "jack stud".
capacitor having variable capacitance; used for making fine adjustments
A mechanical device used to tune the crystal oscillator. It may be a variable capacitor or some other suitable device.
A small adjustable capacitor usually used for the fine adjustment of a larger capacitor to which it is connected.
Removes defects from product with knife or scissors.
Machine equipped with a long heavy removable knife for trimming paper sheets with a downward slicing action.
an important item for any scrapbooking kit but many people start with a good pair of scissors
Keywords:  staith, coal, waggons, prism, apparatus
An apparatus used for piling the coal in gradually increasing piles made by building up at the point of the cone or top of the prism.
a person who spreads the coals in the waggons or carriages in which the coals are conveyed along a railway from the top of the pit to the staith.
Machine used to trim roofing slates to size
A machine for cutting the loose, hanging threads from the SELVAGES of cloth.
a machine that trims timber
Keywords:  pruner, untouched, axe, shrubs, worker
a worker who thins out and trims trees and shrubs; "untouched by the pruner's axe"
A cutting device that trims off excess material either before or after the bag has been sealed. We recommend trimmers like the EMPLEX TR60 that trim the bag top BEFORE the bag enters the sealer. Removing excess bag top prior to sealing reduces the risk of bag jams after the bag enters the sealing section.
Keywords:  noggings, see
See noggings
Keywords:  transverse, sideways, pet, saws, lumber
Square-edged boards must pass in a transverse or sideways direction through a battery of saws that precisely end-trim (PET) the lumber to prescribed lengths.
Keywords:  dinghy, crew, sail, boats, larger
The person controlling the shape of the sails on a boat. It is usually the crew on a dinghy, and a different person for each sail on larger boats.
One who does not adopt extreme opinions in politics, or the like; one who fluctuates between parties, so as to appear to favor each; a timeserver.
Keywords:  ornaments, fits, arranges, one
One who trims, arranges, fits, or ornaments.
Keywords:  instrument
An instrument with which trimming is done.