Definitions for "Treblinka"
Killing center on the Bug River northeast of Warsaw in the General Government (occupied Poland). Opened in July 1942, Treblinka was the largest of the three killing centers of Operation Reinhard. Between 700,000 and 860,000 Jews and several thousand Gypsies were killed there. A revolt of the inmates on August 2, 1943 destroyed most of the camp, and it was closed in November 1943.
located in the Warschau District of the general government in eastern Poland. From the end of July, 1942 on, Treblinka had three gas chambers and at the beginning of September, 1942, installed ten larger gas chambers. Up to the dissolution of the camp in November 1943 altogether 700,000 Jews were killed there by carbon monoxide.
An extermination camp in Northeast Poland, situated between Warsaw and Bialystok, which was established in May 1942. It was blown up by the Nazis in the fall of 1943 to conceal their crimes in the face of invading armies, but not until 870,000 Jews were killed.