Definitions for "Tread"
Keywords:  stair, walk, stairway, staircase, riser
To set the foot; to step.
To walk or go; especially, to walk with a stately or a cautious step.
To step or walk on.
Keywords:  tire, traction, tyre, road, grooves
The part of a wheel that bears upon the road or rail.
The part of a rail upon which car wheels bear.
Distance between the centerlines of a vehicle's tracks or wheels.
Keywords:  copulate, bird, chalaza, esp, mate
To copulate; said of birds, esp. the males.
To copulate with; to feather; to cover; -- said of the male bird.
The act of copulation in birds.
The top of the banquette, on which soldiers stand to fire over the parapet.
Keywords:  trodden, path, track, beat, press
To beat or press with the feet; as, to tread a path; to tread land when too light; a well-trodden path.
Way; track; path.
See track.
Keywords:  sidewall, meet, area
The area where the tread and sidewall meet.
Rubber-coaled rayon or polyester designed to provide dimensional stability.
Keywords:  crush, grapes, wine
crush as if by treading on; "tread grapes to make wine"
Keywords:  shoe, worn, sole, way, design
May refer to the design of a shoe's sole, or the way in which a shoe's sole is worn.