Definitions for "Travel plan"
A package of measures tailored to particular (existing or proposed) developments or organisations, and aimed at promoting alternative travel choices to the private motor car.
a general term for a package of measures, tailored to the
a package of environmentally friendly travel options which schools use to encourage parents to consider alternatives to driving their children to/from school
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a Round-the-clock customer service available whenever you plan your travel
a way for your employer to offer staff a wider variety of options for how you can travel to work without having to be reliant on a car
see ‘Faculty of Science Staff International Travel Plan’ and ‘Monash University Travel Plan’.
a proposed route of travel
a useful tool for achieving this and can provide other benefits to the local area and environment, such as new shared transport routes and reduced congestion
a way of reducing the parking pressure that may result from such restrictions
a management tool that informs motorized users about motorized use restrictions and allowances
a way of managing how employees and students travel to the University