Definitions for "Trapezoid"
A plane four-sided figure, having two sides parallel to each other.
a four sided figure with two sides parallel
A quadrilateral that has exactly two sides parallel.
Trapezoid is an American folk music group led by Paul Reisler. Founded in 1975 by Sam Rizetta, they began as a quartet of hammer dulcimer players. Official biography of Sam Rizetta Two of the four played the traditional hammer dulcimer, while the other two played baritone and treble hammer dulcimers specially designed by Rizetta.
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a parallelogram
Having the form of a trapezoid; trapezoidal; as, the trapezoid ligament which connects the coracoid process and the clavicle.
Of or pertaining to the trapezoid ligament; as, the trapezoid line.
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A bone of the carpus at the base of the second metacarpal, or index finger.
One of the carpal bones of the wrist image
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Setting controlling the width of the top and bottom edges of a monitor's display.