Definitions for "Transshipment"
The act of transshipping, or transferring, as goods, from one ship or conveyance to another.
A method of ocean transportation whereby ships off-load their oil cargo to a deepwater terminal, floating storage facility, temporary storage, or to one or more smaller tankers from which or in which the oil is then transported to a market destination.
A shipment under one Bill of Lading, whereby sea (ocean) transport is 'broken' into two or more parts. The port where the sea (ocean) transport is 'broken' is the transshipment port. Transfer of cargo from one means of transport to another for on-carriage during the course of one transport operation. Customs: Customs procedure under which goods are transferred under customs control from the importing means of transport to the exporting means of transport within the area of one customs office which is the office of both importation and exportation.
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