Definitions for "Transplanting"
Moving a plant from one location to another.
Whether transplanting a tender young seedling, a potted plant, or a tree, always take into consideration that the plant is undergoing some stress. Do the following to lessen the stress: (1) harden-off seedlings and plants that have been growing indoors in protected conditions before planting outside; (2) transplant on overcast days or in the early evening; (3) make sure the plant to be transplanted is well watered ahead of time; (4) the hole into which the plant will go should also be watered so that it does not wick moisture away from the plant; (5) handle the plant gently to avoid injury, noting that root hairs can also be easily broken; (6) the plant's crown should set above the native soil level; (7) water the plant once it is in place, and keep it well watered until it has become established; (8) tamp soil to make sure no air pockets have formed around roots; (9) consider applying a foliar fertilizer and/or soil drench of compost tea for an extra nutrient boost.
Shifting of a plant from one soil or growth medium to another.
The regulated movement of shellfish under market size from one growing area to another for aquaculture purposes. (4)