Definitions for "Transparency"
That which is transparent; especially, a picture painted on thin cloth or glass, or impressed on porcelain, or the like, to be viewed by natural or artificial light, which shines through it.
That property of a material which transmits light rays so that objects can be clearly seen through the material.
A full colour image photographically produced on transparent film.
Publication and availability for scrutiny of information from Members on measures
A condition that ensures that decisions, and the information on which they are based, are open to public examination and scrutiny.
This concept requires negotiations and agreements to be openly arrived at and openly presented so that all can know and understand the process and terms.
The transparency of stream water (in units of centimeters) as measured in a Citizen Stream Monitoring Program transparency tube. The transparency tube is a clear, 60 cm-long tube with colored disk on the bottom for measuring depth at which disk is visible. The clarity of stream water is an indicator of how much sediment, algae, and other materials are suspended in the water.
The clarity with which a regulation, policy, or institution can be understood and anticipated. Depends on openness, predictability, and comprehensibility. Lack of transparency can itself be a NTB
Term used to denote clarity of the skies for observing.
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Transparency is a small tool for transparent PNG processing on the command line. It provides conversion of white to transparency, and the preparation of transparent PNGs for perfect GIF export .
"Transparency" refers to the extra space in and around a photographic image that has been cut from its original background. For instance, if you cut ("mask") the image of a jug from a photograph, you will still see parts of the original background through the handles of that jug. Those empty spaces need to convert to your new background when placed in another document, and transparency allows you to do this seamlessly.
Transparency is a method that allows areas of a picture to appear transparent, therefore revealing the background. There are several methods of transparency, including alpha channel transparency.
The ease with which one can see through an opal. See also Transparent, Translucent and Opaque
Degree of translucence displayed (from transparent to opaque)
The opposite of opaque, a term that describes whether light from behind an object or layer can pass through. A transparent yellow over white would produce the effect of a bright yellow, like the sun. The same transparent yellow over black would have a muddying effect and would hardly show up. In contrast, an opaque yellow would cover black, at least in the computer it would. With real paint it would take several thick coats of opaque yellow to cover black.
Rules design that does not call attention to the rules in operation. In general, it suggests rules that are intuitive, though different people may find different systems intuitive. It is generally considered a problematic term on The Forge. References: Transparency Transparency again
the quality of being self-explanatory, predictable, or intuitive; when an interface is transparent to the user, the user is able to concentrate on the task at hand does not have to be concerned with software structures underlying the interface; a key principle of user-interface design.
The quality or condition of being transparent; transparence.
The quality of how a mineral lets light through.
the quality of being clear and transparent
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The degree to which a market is characterised by prompt availability of accurate price and volume information which gives participants comfort that the market is fair.
The extent to which a financial market is characterised by prompt availability of accurate price and volume information. Transparency is a good thing because it helps create a fair and efficient market for all participants.
Transparency, sometimes also referred to as ‘price transparency' is one of the crucial factors in establishing confidence in an exchange or contract. Liquidity is the other. Investors must be confident that price information is available to all participants at the same time. Information should be available as soon as possible, if not immediately, after a trade. Where this is the case, an exchange will be deemed to enjoy ‘transparency'.
In data compression or psychoacoustics, transparency is the ideal result of lossy data compression. If a lossily compressed result is perceptually indistinguishable from the uncompressed input, then the compression can be declared to be transparent. In other words, transparency is the situation where compression artifacts are nonexistent or imperceptible.
universally used in government/business/legal circles instead of openness, honesty, accountability. (Nominated by reader John Young, who says: "This word is familiar to me as I have worked in photography all my life.")
Listening term. An analog that can be best "pictured" in photography. The more "transparent" the sound, the clearer the auditory picture.
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If a signal passes through a network or facility unchanged, that network or facility is said to be transparent to it.
a special texture or effect of texture that allows a player to see thru some or all of the brush. Transparency rendering on some machines is supposed to take an extra pass or more, multiplying the wpoly effect or r_speeds in that area of the map by 150% or more. example: to make a window, make a brush with a glass textures, tie to a func_breakable, and set properties to texture mode and FX to 90.
Refers to the presentation or announcement of positions. In portfolio and risk management it focuses on positions and the associated risk profiles. While strides can be made in depicting greater transparency, reports by their very nature are historic. Many financial institutions experience continuous change in assets, liabilities and equity. Positions during the day may significantly be greater than end-of-day positions. Nevertheless, explanations or realistic descriptions of intraday, end-of-day, and intraperiod and end-of-period positions and risks is useful. This transparency activity reduces the mystery of financial positions. Often substantial off-balance sheet items such as forwards, futures, swaps, and unsettled transactions could have a material impact on an organization's finances.
Ministerial Order which came into force on 11/8/94, which regulates specific questions about contracts referring to mortgage transactions with property guarantees, when the borrower is a physical person and the value of the loan is 25,000,000 pesetas (150,253,03 euros) or less. This ministry order and the circular of 5/94 from the Banco de España which developed it, aim to protect the interests of the finance companiesâ€(tm) clients, by providing the appropriate information and protection of people taking out mortgages.
The objective of every maker of windows, and conscientious loudspeaker manufacturers, who attempt to provide a transparent - i.e. unmodified - rendering of an audio work of art.
Transparency, as used in the humanities, implies openness, communication, and accountability. It is a metaphorical extension of the meaning used in the physical sciences: a "transparent" object is one that can be seen through.
refers to the level of openness in a financial or banking system. The more transparent the system the more easily problems and potential crises are detected.
The characteristic of a medium that allows radiation to easily pass through it.
obvious, easily detected
This term is frequently used to indicate openness in the operation of Community institutions. It is related to a variety of actions concerning broader public access to information and EU documents, and simplification of Treaties and texts ( codification, consolidation of legislation, etc.).
Word used to describe a program action that occurs automatically and usually without the user being aware of it. For example, the details of how a file is stored on the tracks and sectors of a disk are transparent to the user.
Networking protocols are said to be transparent when not perceived in using a remote computer; instead, the user's perception is that of being directly linked to the remote computer, as if it's an integral part of his or her own computer. 2) In the context of "metacomputing," computers and other types of equipment may be separated by thousands of miles, yet they appear to the user interface as one system. This type of transparency depends heavily on very fast networks to prevent any time lag.
In human-computer interaction, computer transparency is an aspect of user friendliness which relieves the user of the need to worry about technical details (like installation, updating, downloading or device drivers). For instance, a program that automatically detects the monitor resolution is more transparent compared to one that asks the user to enter it manually.
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(see Trannie)
The ability of a market participant to view unfiltered market data.
The ability to see through a single color of a GIF file's 256 colors when viewed in a Web Browser.
ability to hear into the music. Separation of instruments, removal of "veils" from obscuring musical detail. Naturalness.
The degree of intelligibility of qualifications allowing their value to be identified and compared on the (sectoral, regional, national or international) labour and training markets. Source: Cedefop, 2003.
Feature of some client/server architectures that allows a client to call a server without knowing its physical location. Transparency allows servers to be physically moved throughout the system without having to modify the client. Also referred to as implicit service routing.
Making an institution's processes visible and comprehensible to interested parties outside that institution, such as external examiners, quality control committees, the general public, etc.
Effort to make processes and policies visible to outside interested parties, e.g. external examiners, quality control committees, and the general public.
An action is transparent if it takes place without any effect that is visible to users.
Comprehensive documentation of all data, information, assumptions, methods, results, discussion and conclusions used in the risk analysis. (from OIE 2003a)
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Transparency is a value used to describe the amount of pigment a haircolor formulation will deposit on the hair. Highly transparent colors will provide subtle changes.
Linguistic transparency is a phrase which is used in multiple, overlapping subjects in the fields of linguistics and the philosophy of language. It has both normative and descriptive senses.
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A visual quality in which a distant image or element can be seen through a nearer one.
The quality of a media text by which it appears to be natural rather than constructed.
in economics, (1) Principle adopted in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade that governments must make their rules, regulations, and practices open and accessible to the public and other governments. (2) General Agreement on Trade in Services requirement that its member states publish their regulations affecting trade in services, that they notify the Council for Trade in Services of any relevant changes, and that they respond promptly to requests for information from other members.
The real-time public dissemination of trade and quote information, traditionally consisting of price reports (last trade and volume with the best bid and offer price and size).
The degree to which trade policies and practices and the process by which they are established, are published in timely fashion for use by foreign suppliers, and are predictable.
The transmitted radiation ratio to the incident on an uniformly exposed and processed area that is large compared with the area of a grain in the emulsion.
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a pretty unambiguous entity
Publishing all information created in a software project so that it is freely accessible to all team members and project stakeholder.
Rules design that does not call attention to the rules in operation; highly controversial. See Transparency and Transparency again.
( Transparence) Information about decisions, policies and practices is communicated in an open and timely manner.
Refers to the ability of end-users of a decision-support tool to see how the software works in delivering its outputs, or how it arrives at its decisions, evaluations or other outputs. This is in contrast to black box methods.
consistency in an interface (physical or virtual) that hides the complexities and implementation specific details of a system or space.
requires that network operators will make publicly available either the interconnection agreements or reference interconnection offers.
permitting the free passage of electromagnetic radiation
concealment from the user and application programmer of the separation of components in a distributed system
Transparency refers to a process for making activity open to all authorities responsible for the organization and sometimes the public.