Definitions for "Transgression"
A rise in sea level relative to the land. This causes rocks that were just above sea-level to become submerged above the sea, possibly burying them by marine sediments. The opposite is called regression, when there is a relative fall in sea level.
The gradual expansion of a shallow sea, resulting in the progressive submergence of land, as when sea levels rise or land subsides.
The inland migration of shoreline resulting from a rise in sea level.
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The act of transgressing, or of passing over or beyond any law, civil or moral; the violation of a law or known principle of rectitude; breach of command; fault; offense; crime; sin.
To break one of God's commands by doing something he forbids or by not doing something he commands. (See also sin).
Violation or breaking of a commandment or law; sin.
A term for flourish or prosper, or multiply greatly in number.
the action of going beyond or overstepping some boundary or limit