Definitions for "Transgendered"
Presenting the social characteristics of the sex opposite one's assigned sex at birth or presenting social characteristics of both sexes, sometimes with the support of hormonal therapy.
(a.k.a. TG): A person who experiences gender dysphoria. Their " gender identity is in conflict with their physical sex." Thus, their gender expression or physical characteristics may differ from their sex as assigned at birth. Some consider Transgendered to be an umbrella term which includes: Pre-operative and post-operative transsexuals. Transgenderists: persons living full-time in a gender other than their birth sex. Crossdressers: persons who occasionally present themselves as the opposite sex. (Transvestite is a synonym, but is regarded by many cross dressers as a pejorative term). The vast majority are heterosexual men."Mannish" women and "feminine" men whose gender expression is opposite to their sex. Intersexed persons. See above.
Transgendered was a term put into general usage by Virginia Price. It originally meant a pre- operative transsexual who has no desire to have the SRS. It later became a catchword for Transvestites, transsexuals, female and male impersonators, drag queens/kings, Intersexuals, gender dysphorics, and those that do not fit any gender label (or all people that cross the gender line).( lso)Transgenderists live as members of the other sex, but without the extreme need or desire to modify their bodies shown by transsexuals. Some live as members of the other sex, while others stake out 'third gender' status. Transgenderists may take hormones, but do not have genital sex reassignment surgery.