Definitions for "Transformer"
One who, or that which, transforms. Specif. (Elec.), an apparatus for producing from a given electrical current another current of different voltage.
A device made of two coils, which converts current of one voltage into current of another voltage. In a step-up transformer, the primary coil has fewer turns than the secondary, thus increasing the voltage. In a step-down transformer, the secondary coil has fewer turns than the primary, thus decreasing the voltage.
A device used to change the voltage, current or impedance of an electronic circuit. The power stays relatively the same both into and out of the transformer. Common uses are for microphone impedance matching, speaker power matching and plug in power supplies.
Transformer is Lou Reed's breakthrough second solo album, released in November 1972. Unlike its predecessor Lou Reed, eight songs of which were leftovers from his Velvet Underground days, this album contains mainly new material.
an intelligent robot (usually a large humanoid , though there are many exceptions such as animal forms) that is able to "transform", reconfiguring itself into a common and innocuous form, such as a car , airplane or animal
a pump that the Atlanta-based discount pool maintenance, lower levels of heat exchanger gets a pH to the cover pump
a special kind of functor and also a natural transformation on the level of dialgebras
a toy consisting of a figure or representation of an object, constructed of interlocking parts in such a way that a series of turning or twisting motions of the parts can transform the object from one type of object to a different type of object, such as from an animal to an automobile.
an abstract representation of a two-way transformation that can be chained together with other instances of this type
Filter that can transform XML representations by applying an XSLT transform sheet.
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a processed instance of a stylesheet (a translet) that can be used to perform a transformation
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A type of tow truck used by repossessors which looks like a normal truck but can be quickly transformed into a tow truck.
happens in a riparian corridor when chemical and biological processes within the corridor change the chemical composition of compounds
A transformer is an abstraction of an information processing Resource which transforms data from one set of sources to a set of sinks.It is similar to a Streamer but its primary service is the transformation of data instead of the transport. A Transformer uses the information processing capabilities provided by Nodes . source: EU-P103 domain: General usage: EU-P103
a machine simple in design, but sublime in its simplicity
A passive RF component used in impedance matching, among other things. It is defined by its impedance ratio.
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a major investment