Definitions for "Transcendent"
Very excellent; superior or supreme in excellence; surpassing others; as, transcendent worth; transcendent valor.
Transcending, or reaching beyond, the limits of human knowledge; -- applied to affirmations and speculations concerning what lies beyond the reach of the human intellect.
That which surpasses or is supereminent; that which is very excellent.
Keywords:  metafantasy, fantasy
fantasy about fantasy, i.e. metafantasy
Being summoned from the crucible; most have become pride founders or paragons.
Transcendent is the third science fiction novel in the Destiny's Children series by Stephen Baxter.
Existing outside the material universe.
Pertaining to God as exalted above the universe
A definition of quality that states that quality is something we all recognize but we cannot verbally define.
Having more integrated dimensions. Higher order.