Definitions for "Transcendence"
The quality or state of being transcendent; superior excellence; supereminence.
Elevation above truth; exaggeration.
an experience that is outside normal sensory phenomenon.
Transcendence (1992) is a novel by Charles Sheffield in the Heritage Universe series. This book is the sequel to Divergence and Summertide. After discovering new artifacts in the previous books, the team gets together again this time to search for the Zardalu unwittingly unleashed upon the galaxy during the previous adventure.
Transcendence is the second book in the second DemonWars Saga trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. The book is also the sixth out of seven books in the combined DemonWars Saga.
Transcendence is a freeware PC game designed and created by George Moromisato. The game is viewed in 2-D but contains elements reminiscent of the 3-D adventure game Elite. It is still under development, and only half of the game has been completed so far.
Transcendence is the second album by Floridian heavy metal group Crimson Glory, released in 1988 via Roadrunner Records. The Roadrunner label reissued the album in CD format during 2001.
Sartre's term for the root of our freedom, for our ability to define ourselves by our possibilities and all the ways in which each of us is continually creating our own future in terms of our choices, our plans, our dreams, and our ambitions
1. The combination of two or more unlike elements into a unified whole, without the diminishment of their own individual Essences. 2. A state of an entity where the Tension, Consonance and Purity are all at their maximum values.
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