Definitions for "Transactions"
The published papers and abstracts of papers presented at a meeting of a society or other organization, frequently accompanied by a record of the meeting called the proceedings.
the published papers presented at a meeting of an association or other organization, usually published along with the proceedings of the meeting.
a written account of what transpired at a meeting
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a prerequisite
In accounting theory, transactions take place when one party to an agreement has completely fulfilled their obligations. The term is noteworthy because accountants traditionally do not record items in a company's records until a transaction has taken place.
a transaction is data in motion. A transaction can be a Create, Get, Retrieve, View, Update, and Delete.
Transfer of emissions allowances from one Register account to another. It is possible to have internal transactions between two accounts on the same Register as well as external transactions between two accounts that exist on different national Registers (e.g., Germany and Italy). The deleting and surrender of emissions allowances are also transactions.
Exchange of goods or services between businesses or individuals. Can also be other events having an economic impact on a business.
Exchange of goods or services between entities (whether individuals, businesses, or other organizations), as well as other events having an economic impact on a business.
In software, groups of activities, such as receipt or allocation of inventory items, work requests, and performance logs, that change attributes in a database.
Individual events reported to the system, e.g., issues, receipts, transfers, adjustments.
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Refers to a single purchase occurring on the site or through a Corporate Travel Agent whether it be air, hotel, car rental, etc. (See also Original Transaction Cost.)
a quarterly publication available in both print and online versions
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Loans that are in the process of being completed.