Definitions for "Trajectory"
Keywords:  projectile, bullet, flight, path, golf
The curve which a body describes in space, as a planet or comet in its orbit, or stone thrown upward obliquely in the air.
The flight of the pellet after it leaves the barrel. The pellets flight is an arc. How much of an arc depends on the pellet weight and velocity.
The curved path of a projectile from muzzle to target.
The trajectory of a sprinkler is the measurement (in degrees) of the angle of the water projecting out from the sprinkler’s nozzle. A trajectory of 0° would indicate a flat projection of water out from the nozzle.
the angle at which the ball comes off the clubhead. For today's low spin balls higher trajectories are more desirable in drivers. Yet many game improvement irons tend to launch at higher angles which may not be desirable to advanced players who want more control.
The history of atomic motion over time. This term is often applied to a molecular dynamics simulation.
Mathematically the term trajectory refers to the ordered set of states which are assumed by a dynamical system over time (see e.g. Poincaré map).
The line of motion of the meteor relative to the Earth, considered in three dimensions. See also: Meteor Shower, Radiant
The solution to a dynamical system in forward and backward time passing through a specified initial condition.
The graph of a family of solutions that pass through a given point (or initial condition) in phase space.
A sequence of state transitions from the initial state to a Candidate.
a drawing in which all the points are strictly ordered and that order IS meaningful
in systems thinking, this refers to the series of successive states through which the system proceeds over time. It may be said to represent the long-term behavior of the system.