Definitions for "Traits"
Ways of looking, thinking, or being. Traits that are genetic are passed down through the genes from parents to offspring.
Genetic traits are those aspects of an organism controlled by genes – for example eye colour in humans. Genetic traits are inherited.
Any element of human culture, material objects, or human practices.
a person who never learnt how to accept and manage his anger, using twisted behavior to project his responsibility on others ("you made him angry") so blaming others for everything real or imaginary that happens to them
Attitudes, values, ideals, and rules for behavior.
There are two types of Traits; positive and negative. Positive Traits represent certain advantages a character might possess (such as "Rich" or "Eidetic Memory", whereas Negative Traits represent various disadvantages (such as "Physical Problem", "Enemy" or "Hatred".
Descriptors other than your Power/Weakness/ Quirk. Some of these are in turn given special names, such as Flaws and Power Stunts.
a way to deflect the intensity of feelings, and recover the security of their inner isolation by backing off from emotional intimacy
characteristics, features back
characteristics that help identify what a person is like.