Definitions for "Trainee"
Trainee est un outil informatique adapt� aux stagiaires faisant un travail commercial durant leurs �tudes. ce logiciel permettra au stagiaire, de faire des �tudes de march�, des �tudes de satisfaction, �tude de cocurrence et de prospection de client�le.
A person who is receiving work-related instruction.
Person receiving mainly non-academic, practical and vocational training, or training through visiting tours and short-term resident training courses, or attending ad hoc non-academic courses and seminars.
A person receiving training or undertaking a traineeship.
an employee who is bound by a contract of training registered with the appropriate State or Territory training authority
An individual registered with the supervisor according to WAC 296-05-311.
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See Apprentice.
an individual who is participating in a training program for an NDT method and is not certified to perform inspections
a participant who is receiving training services
An employee participating in a company-sponsored training program.
a person who is learning and practising the skills of a particular job
A person who is employed in a traineeship. A trainee and their employer sign a contract to work together so that the trainee can learn the skills of the occupation they have chosen. See also Traineeships.
an individual who enters into a training agreement with the University and is involved in paid work and structured training, which may be on or off the job
refers to an employee who is in the initial period of employment for the purpose of training for the position to which the person has been appointed. Normally, the training period is for duration of six months or less and is covered by an agreement between the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources and the department concerned. The starting salary will be at least 3% below the entry-level salary as indicated in the University Pay Plan.
a person who has not been to a P
a person who has submitted an application to join the Group and whose application has been accepted by the QC
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someone who is being trained