Definitions for "Traffic management"
Keywords:  road, reconsignment, nrm, frm, cac
Changes to the road environment which reduce the number of vehicles present in an area.
The buying and controlling of transportation services for a shipper or consignee, or both.
In the industrial firm, traffic management involves all functional operations related to the buying and management of transportation services, and/or the management of private transportation services . Traffic management is responsible for the selection of carriers, if there is no logistics manager, the preparation of shipments for the carrier, loading and unloading, tracing, expediting, rate analysis and applications, tariff controls, reconsignment, diversion, preparing and filling bills of lading, and all other operations relating to preparing, documenting, loading, unloading, handling and approving shipments into and out of the firm.
Fran├žais : Gestion du trafic Deutsch : Verkehrssteuerung, Verkehrsabwicklung