Definitions for "TRADITIONS"
Handing down beliefs and customs from older people to younger people.
A formalized path with set rules or laws as well as specific formalized rituals.
(tra•di•tions) n. – customs, beliefs and ways of life that have been passed down from one generation to the next.
1. Alcoholics Anonymous, as an organization, is guided by the 12 Traditions, which are the principles guiding group dynamics. 2. AA has 12 traditions to group recovery from alcoholism. Come to the meetings and find out how they apply to you and your group.
Knowledge, opinions and customs a group feels is so important that members continue to practice it and pass it onto other generations.
Traditions is an album released by Indecision Records in June, 2005. It contains material from compilations and a debut 7" from the metalcore band, Adamantium. The group had disbanded in 2001 and this was described as a retrospective release.
There are six (6) traditions considered as the absolute basic laws of the Camarilla (World of Darkness). Violation of these traditions most often is punished by Destruction. Here they are as they are often expressed by cainites.
The authoritative record of inspired sayings and acts of the Prophet, in addition to the revelation contained in the Qur'an.
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A people’s way of life, practiced over a long period of time.