Definitions for "Tracing"
Process of identifying property that was purchased or acquired with money derived from unlawful activity.
The attempt, by a plaintiff, to reclaim certain specific property. This is a legal proceeding taken through the court under the law of equity. The property may be still in the first acquirer's hands or it may have passed on to others, and even have been converted (related common law terms: conversion, trover and detinue). This is a procedure frequently used by a trust beneficiary to recover misappropriated trust property. Transcript A written, word-for-word record of what was said, either in a proceeding such as a trial, or during some other formal conversation, such as a hearing or oral deposition.
A legal proceeding taken under the law of equity where the plaintiff attempts to reclaim specific property, through the court, whether the property is still in the first acquirer's hands or it has passed onto others, and even if the property has been converted (related common law terms: conversion, trover and detinue). This is a procedure frequently used by a trust beneficiary to recover misappropriated trust property.
A measurement of a Cephalometric x-ray which helps the orthodontist in diagnosis and treatment planning line
An overlay drawing traced from a cephalometric radiograph, showing specific structures and landmarks that may provide a basis for a variety of measurements.
the act of drawing a plan or diagram or outline
A regular path or track; a course.
Determining a shipment's location during the course of a move.
The Process of finding the path of a spectrum or order of a spectrum across an image frame.
The action of retrieving information concerning the whereabouts of cargo, cargo items, consignments or equipment.
In PE, the collection of information about the execution of the program. This information is accumulated into a trace file that can later be examined.
A facility that writes detailed information about an operation to an output file. The trace facility produces a detailed sequence of statements that describe the events of an operation as they are executed. Administrators use the trace facility for diagnosing an abnormal condition; it is not normally turned on.
diagnostic information about procedure calls and co-expression activation that is written to standard error output. Tracing is a program state enabled when the value of &trace is nonzero.
A diagnostic tool that records specific events on individual HP OSI Transport Services subsystems. Tracing degrades system performance and thus, is not always enabled.
A list of the added entry headings for a given work in a catalogue.  nion catalogue - A catalog of the holdings of more than one independent library, or of a library system, indicating the location of each item by the name or location symbol of the library or libraries which own it.
1. A record of the headings under which an item is represented in the catalog. 2. A record of the references that have been made to a name or to the title of a item that is represented in the catalog. See also Access points.
1. See trace. 2. The action of skating the repetitions of a compulsory figure so that the later traces match as closely as possible the trace from the first pattern of the figure. The tracing of errors made in the first trace of a compulsory figure is considered an error in itself.
Process of creating a 3D picture model from a bitmap. Asymetrix Web 3D converts the image to black and white, then traces around the black to create a picture model.
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Cutting, or more often re-cutting the edges of mains and drains with a Tracing Knife - a blade like a large 'J', sharpened on the outside - the material between the traces is then removed to form the channel.
The ability to identify the origin of an item (asset), through records, upstream in the supply chain.
In law tracing is a process by which a claimant demonstrates what has happened to his/her property, identifies its proceeds and those persons who have handled or received them, and asks the court to award a proprietary claim against the property, or an asset substituted for the original property or its proceeds. Tracing allows transmission of legal claims from the original assets to either the proceeds of sale of the assets or new substituted assets.
A capability of components of the Windows 2000 Routing and Remote Access service that records internal component variables, function calls, and interactions. You can use tracing to troubleshoot complex network problems.
A number that leads directly to another number. A simple cross reference display is generated from a tracing field. The tracing is located in the record for the number to which it refers. See also complex reference . ( 453 ; 553 )
The process of visiting each active object by following references from one or more roots.
In activity-based cost accounting, connecting resources to activities to cost objects using underlying causal drivers to understand how costs occur during normal business activities.
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The act of one who traces; especially, the act of copying by marking on thin paper, or other transparent substance, the lines of a pattern placed beneath; also, the copy thus producted.
the hand-applied gold trim to the handle of a china piece, a thin line painted along the higher surfaces.
Painting on glass with lines.
In PE, the collection of data for the Visualization Tool (VT). The program is traced by collecting information about the execution of the program in trace records. These records are then accumulated into a trace file which a user visualizes with VT.
Visually following a stationary line
The method of determining whether property possessed at the time of the divorce was purchased with marital or non-marital property.
The process of locating animals, persons or things which may be implicated in the spread of disease.
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A tracing taken from the package front as a proof of purchase
The process of determining which portions of a network connect.