Definitions for "Traceroute"
Keywords:  hop, tracert, debug, icmp, destination
A command-prompt utility in MS-DOS and UNIX that reports the gateways, or hops, that your data travels through on the Internet to reach its destination.
A command that displays PING results for each router encountered between a source and a destination TCP/IP address. Traceroute is useful for getting some...
Program that shows the pathway packets travel to a destination host by sending ICMP echo requests.
Keywords:  trackball, traffic, analysis
trackball traffic analysis
Keywords:  ipv, variant, available, network
IP network. An IPv6 variant, traceroute6, is also widely available.
a utility which allows you to literally trace your connection to a server/computer
A TCP/IP utility that allows a user to determine if two computers are communicating successfully with each other.