Definitions for "Tracer"
a chemical substance with properties, such as radioactivity or fluorescence, which make it easily measurable, used to observe the movements of chemically related substances through a biological, physical, or chemical system; -- in biochemistry, also called labeled compounds.
Any substance that is used in a process to trace its course.
An identifiable substance that can be followed through the course of a physical or biological process providing information on the pattern of events in the process or on the redistribution of the parts or elements involved.
a type of ammunition that emits light or smoke as it moves toward its target, providing a visible path of the projectile in flight so that the point of impact may be observed; -- called also tracer ammunition.
the chemical substance used in tracer ammunition to cause it to be visible in flight.
Special BBs which glow green when exposed to light.
a material which gives information concerning the direction of movement and/or the velocity of the water and potential contaminants which might be transported by the water
a program which tracks character movement or commands
A request that a carrier locate a shipment to speed its movement or to establish proof of delivery, or a request for an answer to a previously filed claim
A debugging tool that traces calls to specified functions and displays the functions' arguments and return values.
a software device that can alleviate that aspect of debugging by detecting problems in template definitions early in the development cycle
a user-defined class that can be used as an argument for a template to be tested
Tracer is the name of 2 DC Comics supervillains and a member of a team named the Extremists. He is based on the Marvel supervillain Sabretooth.
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A person engaged (esp. in the express or railway service) in tracing, or searching out, missing articles, as packages or freight cars.
An inquiry sent out (esp. in transportation service) for a missing article, as a letter or an express package.
an investigator who is employed to find missing persons or missing goods
Combination of a battery and a light bulb, buzzer or other device that allows an installer to locate an unidentified drop in an apartment building or buried underground. Also known as a toner or cable toner.
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See Chaser.
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An off-colored fiber woven into the fabric which helps to identify the fiber direction.
A fiber, tow, or yarn added to a prepreg for verifying fiber alignment and, in the case of woven materials, for distinguishing warp fibers from fill fibers.
a well-defined problem or condition, such as hypertension, incontinence, or impaired mobility, which has a significant effect on an individual's wellbeing
antibody is suitable for labeling with an 125I assay
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A special brush used in painting on glass.
a program, which tries to analyze the protected application at the start-up or while it is running
a little application programmers use to
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an instrument used to make tracings
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One who, or that which, traces.