Definitions for "Trabecula"
Keywords:  septum, beam, fibrous, plural, bundle
A small bar, rod, bundle of fibers, or septal membrane, in the framework of an organ part.
an irregular latticework of thin plate of spongy bone; fibrous cord of connective tissue serving as supporting fiber by forming a septum that extends into an organ from its wall or capsule; plural, trabeculae
a little beam or spicule, e.g. of bone, of connective tissue.
a transverse partition dividing or partly dividing a cavity.
A connective tissue partition that subdivides an organ.
(pl., trabeculae) In Mymaridae, term used for an H-like pattern of lines on the face and vertex, which consists of a transverse line on the upper face that connects with lines along the upper and inner margins of each eye; the lines are usually darker than the surrounding cuticle because they are thickened regions resulting from inrolled cuticle. [photo
Branch separating the fenestrulae in reticulate cheilostomes (Phidoloporidae) (Hayward & Ryland, 1998).
a cylindrical, barlike, or spool-shaped structure extending across the lumen of the trachied form one tangential wall to another