Definitions for "TPM"
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The Phantom Menace Star Wars: Episode I. The one with Jar-Jar.
The Phantom Menace. Episode I in the Star Wars saga.
Total Particulate Matter. The total particulate matter emissions including all fractions of diesel particulates, i.e. the carbonaceous, organic (SOF), and sulfate particulates.
total productive maintenance. Where first line maintenance, cleaning, checking for irregularities, leaks etc., and simple maintenance, become the responsibility of operators rather than of the maintenance department.
Total Preventive Maintenance
Trusted Platform Module. Small hardware device providing features such as secure memory, cryptographic sign/verify functions, a key pair which can be used to generate anonymous identities. See article in SECURE. _____________________________________________________________________________
Trusted Platform Module or security chip. This is the hardware chip present on the PC motherboard that performs the security functions at the lowest level.
Trusted Platform Module. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a secure storage chip for unique Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) key pairs and credentials. In other words, it is the ideal “safety box” where keys of encrypted data can be kept. A small security controller, TPM was developed to conform to industry standard specifications issued by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and it provides the standard for Computing Platform Security.
Transaction Processing Monitor, provides communications services for applications
Tire Pressure Monitoring
Tyre Pressure Monitor systems
Technical Project Manager - An individual having primary responsibility for the welfare of an information system project. (see Debbie for addendum)
Technical Protection Measure. TPMs are technologies such as encryption, watermarking and access control, that are designed to prevent or discourage the unauthorised use of digital files.
Technology Protection Measure
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Tonnes per month
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Terrain Profiling Mode
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Terminating Point Master
The amount of database transactions a server can do in a minute's time. This method of measurement is often used to compare high-powered database servers...