Definitions for "Toys"
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rubber devises used for sexual stimulation; vibrators, dildos, etc.
Sexual acts that involve the use of sex toys. Objects like vibrators, fruit, dildos or just about any object you can imagine being inserted into the vagina or anus. Related to masturbation.
Sexual aids such as dildos, love beads, vibrators etc.
Musical jargon for extra instruments used to enhance an arrangement which are not essential to the structure of a piece of music; for example, tambourine glockenspiel Synonym for outboard studio equipment.
A great deal of training equipment is termed toys.
A large category of glass production with many divisions. Glass toys production fall into three categories: regular production offhand work after hours work-frigging
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Toys is a 1992 Comedy film.
use of inanimate objects to increase sexual stimulation.
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Toys is a bunch of small games meant to be the Open Source version of games that come with Windows
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Sexual aids (see MARITAL AIDS)
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a people-oriented company
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a well-established company within the Toy market