Definitions for "Touch"
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Touch were a rock band from New York City formed in 1978. Members included Mark Mangold (songwriter and keyboards) and Glen Kithcart (drums), both who had previously been in the band American Tears (releasing three albums on Columbia Records).
Touch is the third album by New Wave duo Eurythmics (Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart), released in 1983 (see 1983 in music).
Japanese high school baseball manga by Mitsuru Adachi. It was originally serialized in the weekly manga magazine Shonen Sunday from 1981—1986. The manga was also adapted into a 101-episode TV anime series , three theatrical anime movies, two TV anime specials, a live action tv drama special, and a live action movie released in 2005.
To come in contact with; to hit or strike lightly against; to extend the hand, foot, or the like, so as to reach or rest on.
To perceive by the sense of feeling.
To affect the senses or the sensibility of; to move; to melt; to soften; especially, to cause feelings of pity, compassion, sympathy, or gratitude in.
touch(1V) update the access and modification times of a file
Modifies the timestamps of already existing files, can also be used to quickly create empty files.
Updates a file's modification time 1359
To relate to; to concern; to affect.
To mark or delineate with touches; to add a slight stroke to with the pencil or brush.
To infect; to affect slightly.
Maker's mark stamped on much, but not all, early English pewter. Their use was strictly controlled by the Pewterer's COmpany of London: early examples consist of initials, later ones are more elaborate and pictorial, sometimes including the maker's address.
The best buying and selling prices available for a stock from market makers as quoted in SEAQ and SEAQ International.
Competing market makers quote slightly different prices for a share. The TOUCH is the difference between the best bid price and the lowest offer price.
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To be brought, as a sail, so close to the wind that its weather leech shakes.
A sail is said to touch, when the wind strikes the leech so as to shake it a little.
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See burner.
Same as burner.
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To strike; to manipulate; to play on; as, to touch an instrument of music.
The act of the hand on a musical instrument; bence, in the plural, musical notes.
The particular or characteristic mode of action, or the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers; as, a heavy touch, or a light touch; also, the manner of touching, striking, or pressing the keys of a piano; as, a legato touch; a staccato touch.
Touch is a 1997 film written and directed by Paul Schrader. It is based on a novel by Elmore Leonard, and stars Christopher Walken, Bridget Fonda, Skeet Ulrich, Tom Arnold, Gina Gershon, Lolita Davidovich, Janeane Garofalo and Paul Mazursky.
hit that counts in the scoring.
Precise control of a shot, often resulting in a placement, as in "She hit that shot with perfect touch."
(aka: "feel") sensitivity for playing golf shots. Especially short shots. Example: "Daniel displayed great touch around the greens all summer."
To compare with; to be equal to; -- usually with a negative; as, he held that for good cheer nothing could touch an open fire.
be equal to in quality or ability; "Nothing can rival cotton for durability"; "Your performance doesn't even touch that of your colleagues"; "Her persistence and ambition only matches that of her parents"
an injection detergent that may be used in a single or two bath operation in a machine where filtration is possible
an injection detergent with sizing
To harm, afflict, or distress.
To lay a hand upon for curing disease.
Brushwork, and artist's manner of laying on the paint.
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Bringing the feet together to “touch” without transferring weight to the moving foot (as opposed to a “close”).
deal with; usually used with a form of negation; "I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole"; "The local Mafia won't touch gambling"
(TCH) The same sound as the TOE movement but the foot is immediately picked up again WITHOUT transferring any body weight to that foot.
NEW! Touch nose to the open hand or plastic circle in front of her. Supposed to be helpful when I start agility classes, because there are "targets" for some obstacles that she'll need to touch? Dunno, but she's having a bit of trouble getting the "point" of this one.
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Touch was a comic by John Francis Moore and Wesley Craig. Cancelled after six issues.
a blow, A sound is a noise, A misfortune is a tragedy, A joy is an ecstasy, A friend is a lover, A lover is a god, And failure is death
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Tallow; -- a plumber's term.
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Superb racquet control.
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a suggestion of some quality; "there was a touch of sarcasm in his tone"; "he detected a ghost of a smile on her face"
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A set of changes less than the total possible on seven bells, that is, less than 5,040.
make a more or less disguised reference to; "He alluded to the problem but did not mention it"
To influence by impulse; to impel forcibly.
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Feature; lineament; trait.
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comprehend; "He could not touch the meaning of the poem"
Act or power of exciting emotion.
affect emotionally; "A stirring movie"; "I was touched by your kind letter of sympathy"
The broadest part of a plank worked top and but (see Top and but, under Top, n.), or of one worked anchor-stock fashion (that is, tapered from the middle to both ends); also, the angles of the stern timbers at the counters.
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To meddle or interfere with; as, I have not touched the books.
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The steel stylus that follows the surface of the rosette or pattern bar. For fine waved straight line patterns a multiple touch (invented in 1931 by G Plant & Son) is often used to reduce wear.
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To try; to prove, as with a touchstone.
the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan); "he watched the beggar trying to make a touch"
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The O-Files was the record label OFF Beat's compilation series, gathering four EPs on one full-length CD. This is the first volume of three, containing Klinik's "Touch" EP.
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To be tangent to. See Tangent, a.
have to do with or be relevant to; "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
consume; "She didn't touch her food all night"
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To handle, speak of, or deal with; to treat of.
deftness in handling matters; "he has a master's touch"
A small quantity intermixed; a little; a dash.
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To make an impression on; to have effect upon.
To fasten; to take effect; to make impression.
a tool, something even the worst of men can use to determine the level of hurts temporary and permanent
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tamper with; "Don't touch my CDs!"
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To come to; to reach; to attain to.
to extend as far as; "The sunlight reached the wall"; "Can he reach?" "The chair must not touch the wall"
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Screen A technology applied to display devices (CRT and LCD displays primarily) that shows a menu of choices on screen and then allows the operator to use his finger to point to the desired selection on the screen.
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Touch Pad
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see TAP.
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The arrival of the point or edge of the blade upon the bodily surface of the opponent, as specified by the rules.
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the faculty of touch; "only sight and touch enable us to locate objects in the space around us"
A geometric relationship where two objects share a common point on their boundaries, but their interiors do not intersect.
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To perform, as a tune; to play.
Mainly applies to international equities. Inside market in London terminology.
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The equivalent of a wound.
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1. Developing a 'feel' for the ball. 2. Defines the number of times a ball is touched: One-touch, two-touch. 3. A call to a teammate who is about to receive the ball to pass the ball on with his or her first touch.
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That part of the field which is beyond the line of flags on either side.
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A boys' game; tag.
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Accuracy, especially in putting.
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dye with a color
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A single stroke on a drawing or a picture.
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the finish of a race.
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train travel
a distinguishing style; "this room needs a woman's touch"
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the act of putting two things together with no space between them; "at his touch the room filled with lights"
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have an effect upon; "Will the new rules affect me?"
Personal reference or application.