Definitions for "TORQUE"
TORQUE - The Open RPM Quarry and Update Environment. A channel management suite for Ximian's Red-Carpet software. Allows users to create and manage channels and packages to be used by Red-Carpet clients.
A collar or neck chain, usually twisted, especially as worn by ancient barbaric nations, as the Gauls, Germans, and Britons.
That which tends to produce torsion; a couple of forces.
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A rigid metal collar worn around the neck and held by the tension of the metal.
A type of neckpiece. Worn as jewelry in ancient times, the torque could be fashioned as a metal chain or rigid collar.
a simle necklace of gold wire originally of Celtic origin
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Torque is a 2004 action movie about underground motorcycle gangs and racers. The film stars Martin Henderson, Ice Cube, and Monet Mazur.
A term used in the hosiery industry for defining a monofilament or multifilament yarn that has been textured to give residual stitch deformation in knitted hosiery, resulting in high sheerness.
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Trail Trailing
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a vector quantity
represents the acceleration potential a car has. 1 lb-ft = 1,355 Nm.
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See power ratings.