Definitions for "Topstitch"
Keywords:  stitch, sewing, seam, garment, lancel
A line of stitching worked from the right side of the fabric to reinforce a seam and/or to make a decorative effect. General sewing term.
A line of stitching close to the edge or close to the seam on the outer side of the material. Topstitching is commonly used on handbags especially along both edges of the shoulder strap and/or along edges of the trim. Topstitching threads can be the same color as the material the stitching is on, or a decorative contrasting color such as beige topstitching on dark brown leather. Handbag in black leather with white topstitching Made by - LANCEL photo provided by substatic Handbag in tan leather with brown leather trim and beige topstitching Made by - ANN TAYLOR photo provided by substatic
To stitch on the right side of the garment.