Definitions for "Topside"
The side of a boat between the waterline and the deck; referring to onto or above deck.
The part of the ship above water. Generally Used as a way Of saying "on deck" or "up," as in "lay up topside to see the captain,"
(usually plural) weather deck; the part of a ship's hull that is above the waterline
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All of colony used to be underground. At one time, due to numerous wars, many 'escaped', only to find that the freedom they searched for was not as the story books told. Topside is nearly a wasteland. It is a colony dumping ground. Whatever colony does not want, is thrown, or 'tossed', topside. People born topside are considered free. All free men or women can leave the island. Once a slave finds his or herself topside, there is no colony law, no colony protection, therefore, no aid whatsoever. Most would rather be terminated than to find themselves topside. It is usually where the most dangerous and uncontrollable people end up.
Topside is an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. It is the final episode of the story arc.
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Cut of beef from the rear of the animal.
This is a prime lean cut of beef from the rear of...
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The sire's side of the pedigree.
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The Grandstand area
Topside is a variation on sole based tricks done in the sport of Aggressive Inline Skating.