Definitions for "Topping"
Keywords:  corduroy, hooped, nap, wale, terry
Material hooped or placed on top of items to be embroidered that have a definable nap or surface texture, such as corduroy and terry cloth. The facing compacts the wale or nap and holds the stitches above it. Includes a variety of substances such as water soluble plastic "foil", and open weave fabric which is chemically treated to disintegrate with the application of heat. Also referred to as Facing. May be referred to as Solvy which is a brand name for water soluble material manufactured by Gunold & Stickma.
Sometimes known as 'facing,' a material placed on top of the substrate fabric prior to embroidery-either hooped or otherwise held in place-intended to neutralize fabric-surface characteristics such as the heavy nap of fleece, or the wales of corduroy; after embroidery, excess topping is removed either manually, or through the application of heat or water.
Material hooped or placed on top of fabrics that have definable nap or surface texture, such as corduroy and terry cloth, prior to embroidery. The topping compacts the wale or nap and holds the stitches above it. Includes a variety of substances, such as plastic wrap, water-soluble plastic "foil" and open-weave fabric that has been chemically treated to disintegrate with the application of heat. Also known as tracing.
a poor maintenance practice often used to control the size of trees; involves the indiscriminate cutting of branches and stems at right angles leaving long stubs. Synonyms include rounding-over, heading-back, dehorning, capping and hat-racking. Topping is often improperly referred to as pollarding.
The detrimental practice of lopping off a tree at random locations on limbs and branches.
In arboricultural, topping trees is cutting them back nearly to the trunk. Topping is sometimes used as a less expensive alternative to the full removal of large old trees. It therefore has taken on a utilitarian connotation. In contrast, pollarding begins on young trees and is performed for aesthetic, not utilitarian reasons. Pollarding is an ongoing, artistic process; topping is a once off action.
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lightly mowing grass to encourage growth
Cutting down weeds and grass that have grown too long. The equivalent of mowing the lawn.
Removing poor quality pasture such as seedheads and rank growth, usually by mowing
The process of removing the flowering blooms that develop at the top of a tobacco stalk; part of the stalk and some of the topmost leaves may also be removed in the process. Topping can be done at various stages in the plant's development, but when done early and extensively the tobacco leaves will grow larger and heavier.
the initial transformation of the crude oil at a refinery. The "topper" heats crude oil at atmospheric pressure to accomplish the first rough distillation "cut." The lighter products produced in this process are further refined in the catalytic cracking unit or th e reforming unit. Heavier products which cannot be vaporized and separated in this process are distilled still further in the vacuum distillation unit or the coker.
The primary distillation phase of a refinery process, and by derivation, the type of refinery and its yield of products
Filling a secondary fermentor up to approximately one to two inches from the top to prevent oxidation.
Adding wine to a barrel to compensate for the evaporation that can occur through the barrel, inhibiting oxidation of the wine. We do this approx. every two weeks.
During barrel aging, some water and alcohol evaporate, concentrating the wine slightly and creating an airspace in the barrel. To prevent the harmful effects of oxygen contact with the wine, the barrel is topped-up periodically with the same wine from another container.
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something placed on top of another thing, such as a sauce or garnish on food; as, a three-scoop banana split with three different toppings; an ice-cream cone with chocolate fudge topping.
The one doing things to the "bottom". The dominator, sadist, seducer, etc.
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A foul, where players place their mallet on top of the puck, whether deliberate or accidentally.
That which comes from hemp in the process of hatcheling.
In Global Liquidity, the process of sending funding payments from accounts held in the UK to accounts held overseas.
Hence, assuming superiority; proud.
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Topping is a process by which a mower or similar implement is used to "top" the aerial part of a crop in order to prevent seed formation and distribution onto the soil.
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Fine; gallant.
Fine material forming a surface layer or dressing for a road or grade.
Keywords:  jolt, bump, suspension, noise, travel
A noise and jolt when the extension cycle of the suspension travel ends at the bump stop.
Rising above; surpassing.
Striking the ball above the middle with the leading edge of the club, causing the ball to roll or bounce forward for only a short distance.
A period where the stock or market is "catching its breath" after an advance, characterized by a flat trading range without any noticeable trend. It is common to see a topping period after a lengthy increase of the stock price. Topping may be a sign of distribution.
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The act of raising one extremity of a spar higher than the other.
Keywords:  tail, fly, artificial
The tail of an artificial fly.
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excellent; best possible
Keywords:  dish, flavorful, addition
a flavorful addition on top of a dish
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Pulling one of the ends of a yard higher than the other.
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The act of one who tops; the act of cutting off the top.