Definitions for "Topline"
Keywords:  croup, wither, tail, whithers, llama
The proportion and curvature of the outline of a horse's neck, back, and croup; a line from poll to tail-head.
Line formed by the withers, back, loin, and croup.
Term used to describe the shape of the horse from wither to croup. A nicely rounded slightly convex topline should be aimed at.
to star; or to be billed above the title of a film; the topliner is the star of a particular film Example: Bette Davis, top-billed or starring in the melodrama Marked Woman (1937), with lesser billed and lesser-known actor Humphrey Bogart.
To star in a motion picture; this can sometimes include the placement of a performer's name before the title on the credits and promotional items.
The top part of an iron blade, running from heel to toe visible to the golfer at address.
as viewed from address position, the top of the clubhead. Thick toplines tend to help players hit the ball higher and farther at the expense of workability.
The top-most portion of an iron's head profile that is visible at address. The topline of a club can range from wide, common in many "game improvement" clubs to promote confidence at address, to thin, popular in clubs designed for lower handicaps to provide a more traditional look at address.
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The top edge of the upper part of a shoe.
The upper edge of a shoe.
Usually unchecked figure results in the form of a marked-up questionnaire, which are based on the total sample only.
Preliminary results from a project, usually showing responses of the total sample to a few key questions.
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Also called float line or cork line; a floating line on top of a net.