Definitions for "Topic"
One of the various general forms of argument employed in probable as distinguished from demonstrative reasoning, -- denominated by Aristotle to`poi (literally, places), as being the places or sources from which arguments may be derived, or to which they may be referred; also, a prepared form of argument, applicable to a great variety of cases, with a supply of which the ancient rhetoricians and orators provided themselves; a commonplace of argument or oratory.
A treatise on forms of argument; a system or scheme of forms or commonplaces of argument or oratory; as, the Topics of Aristotle.
The subject of any distinct portion of a discourse, or argument, or literary composition; also, the general or main subject of the whole; a matter treated of; a subject, as of conversation or of thought; a matter; a point; a head.
a single or tightly integrated area of study within an academic discipline or related to a particular method of teaching or administration
a single page in the help file
Indicates a topic in the online help window, which is the content being displayed in the window. You need to click a link in order to advance to another topic in the online Help, as opposed to a web page.
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A kind of post which starts a specific topic. A topic may be followed with many replies. Tamado provides 3 kinds of functional topic including text, daubing, and polling.
An object created by an administrator to implement the publish/subscribe delivery model. A topic may be viewed as node in a content hierarchy that is responsible for gathering and distributing messages addressed to it. By using a topic as an intermediary, message publishers are kept separate from message subscribers.
A grouping of related posts located within a forum.
a conceptual issue of considerable breadth that touches on, or has implications for study in, more than one linguistic or cultural tradition
a "theme" is a "position" is an "issue" is news
The meaning a literary work refers to, stated in a phrase or word. See Theme
Topic is a chocolate bar made by Masterfoods in France and the United Kingdom, but is sold throughout Europe and the United States. It contains hazelnuts, nougat and caramel.
an "informational object", it might represent a "real world object", e
a symbol within the computer that represents something in the world such as the play Hamlet, the playwright William Shakespeare, or the "authorship" relationship
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a subget whitch members disscus about
Biological information ascertained by dictyBase curators from abstracts for a given gene name are categorized under pre-determined "topic" tags. These topics comprise the literature topics guide to literature in dictyBase.
an abstract entity, a term is a specific (set of) words
an abstract object (not part of the game world) whose only real purpose is to match noun phrases for commands like ASK and TELL
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a hierarchy of groups
a specialized area that hosts specific Web Parts and Portal Listings that expose links to site collections and other URL-addressable content
a type of content used on this site to which other kinds of content can be easily related using links. The topic itself has a title and may contain text (its body). Topics form a hierarchy for navigation, which represents the information architecture of the site.
In a Help window, a category for Help documents
In a conference, a message which is generally written to convey a new idea or a new piece of information, relevant to that conference.
an optional top-level element that contains category elements
an instance of a class if any instanceOf element has an href that matches the id attribute of the class
a musical figure which has acquired specific connotations, sometimes even a denotation, within a musical culture
a specific named resource configured in a JMS server
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a terrible thing to waste
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See Main Definition: Verity Topic
an information component, not a complete book
an information resource in its own right
The element of an utterance which is the focus of the speaker's attention and about which something is said (the comment). The topic of a sentence is often information which is already known about ( given information).
An external local application or remedy, as a plaster, a blister, etc.
a another grouping of items, on a slightly lower level
a group of Sense Factory activities and is provided so that you can group together your activities in a meaningful way
a logical grouping of attributes that can be get and/or set on the Target and a group of operations that can be called on it
a relatively narrow area of interest that could be thoroughly researched and written about in the time and length of the given assignment
an event or activity, along with all directly related events and activities
The basic organizational unit of instruction covering one or more closely related learning objectives.
The data items evaluated by an agent to determine whether a business event occurred.
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An argument or reason.
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In XML terminology, topic can mean
A prescribed amount of academic work for which a final grade is recorded.
a machine-processable representation of a concept
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a whole new conversation
a small but complete instructional or performance support interaction--probably more than a page, but certainly less than a full course
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a pre-defined search
A command used by a channel operator to set the topic which will display when someone accesses the channel.