Definitions for "Tools"
Items that assist you in using SiteScape software regardless of the current workspace. The tools are located in the upper-right corner of the page and include the Web File System, Site map, Bookmarks, Search, Help, and Logout. To access a tool, click its title.
Items in the top-right corner of the page that assist you in using our software regardless of the current workspace. The Forum tools include Web files, Site map, Bookmarks, Search, Help, and Logout. To access a tool, click on the name of the tool you want. The tools are located above the right side of the blue toolbar.
ICOM: A-0 Hardware, software and other equipment and supplies used to generate, transmit, manage, and store records.
Leaf vacuum: attaches to a garden hose, causing leaves to be swirled into a bag on top of the leaf vacuum. Leaf rake: like a surface skimmer but has a bag for picking up piles of leaves. Surface skimmer: plastic, flat mesh net skimmer used to scoop up floating debris. Telescoping pole: used to vacuum, brush, etc. and is adjustable in length.
The instruments and equipment students use to create and learn about art. Some examples are brushes, scissors, cameras, and computers.
Any materials used to create a scrapbook but are not included in the finished product such as scissors, paper cutters, punches, etc.
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Triple Play Plus A MIDI interface that plugs into the Amiga's serial port and gives three independant MIDI outputs, thus allowing up to 48 channels of MIDI. Originally designed for use solely within Bars&Pipes, it is now possible to use the interface with ! Octamed SoundStudio. Special Instructions to build your own are available on ! Aminet or on the Downloads page. Another Triple Play interface was made available for the ! One-Stop Music Shop card, shortly before ! The Blue Ribbon Soundworks was bought by ! Microsoft, but is a very rare find. Using both the serial and ! One-Stop Music Shop Triple Play interfaces together would give you 96 MIDI channels in Bars&Pipes
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Tools made by Professor Garbanzo include spears (slats + chips) and Pluk'n wands (hoop + slat). Other tools found by the beans include Mr Spook's Fork.
A Main Inventory Table category to note the presence of agricultural or craft tools in the inventory. Only textile production tools have been included in the Detail Inventory.
a network security tool that includes a nice proxy checker
Items used to assist work. Some of them having sharp edges to cut with. Examples: Hammer, chisel, spade, knife.
Those instruments and capabilities that allow for the professional performance of tasks, such as information systems, agreements, doctrine, capabilities, and legislative authorities.
Anything used to carry out a task.
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A set of tools is associated with each type of document. There are two rows of icons under the menu in an ArcView GUI. The upper row of the icons are buttons, the others are tools. Tools allow the user to interact with the document. When a tool button is pressed, the user is in a "mode" which allow actions to be executed in response to the user pointing at positions in the document.
icons used to represent functions within a program.
One of the menus at the top of the Inbox screen of OE.
For satellite installation and troubleshooting, you may need more than just the necessary common hand tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.). Skyvision offers specialized tools for satellite systems that will help you save time and money. See Tools.
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Athame, Besom, Altar, Chalice, etc; an object that helps achieve a purpose.
objects modified or made by animals or humans for a specific purpose.
Ways of testing or measuring; for example, questionnaires, rating scales, etc.
In IT the term refers to methods of representing designs; for example, storyboards, flow charts or managing projects; for example, Gantt charts.
a multithreaded network diagnostic toos for network administrators and security professionals
a series of Microsoft Excel / VBA based applications intended to offer water resources and civil design professionals flexibility and efficiency in their computational analysis and design
An assortment of hand tools such as tweezers, jacks and shears used to manipulate the hot glass. Also refers to the blocks and rag.
With respect to grid computing, "tools" refers to a "layer" of grid components (underneath applications, and above middleware and fabric). The tools layer encompasses resource brokers, monitoring tools debuggers, etc.
Normally small, useful programs created for a very specific purpose, such as programs designed to replace a specific word with a different word in text files, call up system information, or break large files up into diskette-sized segments.
Items designed to facilitate the use of a standard or data. Tools can be text files containing explanatory information, database lookup tables, programs, macros, etc.
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See Barware in our Beverage Section.
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The parts of an extrusion press that are changed to produce a specific shape. Tools include dies and mandrels, and various supporting parts.
A subtable used as an organizational tool. Files in the #tools table are not rendered when a site is Published.
an extension of that key consumer benefit," said Kellen
A physical or notional instrument used in performing an operation as a means to an end. [D03363] RMW
a premiere value added reseller of digital media, non-linear video editing, streaming and content creation systems
an Award Winning Meta Tag keyword/phrase enhancement tool for web site promotion
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a mystery of its own, but they should all fall in line behind you
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implements used to alter photos or shows.
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Tools is used in Text Editor only.  This function allows the user to word count, spell check and page count a document.
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Toys and Games Travel
a system for management of municipal agencies or enterprises
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devices use to cut, shape, form and mix and join materials
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a well recognized one
(n) Devices used to create engineering drawings and models, including both hand and computer tools.
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Electric Tools