Definitions for "Toolkit"
a product that you can license to perform a migration or that provides an element of OpenVMS functionality on another platform
a pure Java implementation of the GraphicsEnvironment methods in Java, and does not use native code
a reference implementation of many of the design behaviors for DITA processing, including specialization awareness, multiple map-based views, multiple outputs, DTDs and Schemas with specialization design patterns
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The Toolkit provides a framework on which to develop complex PHP5 web applications. The features it offers are; authentication, authorisation, session handling, and logging. The MVC pattern is used, and Smarty templates separate design and development.
Set of strategies (blitz enumeration, paired enumeration, and the like) available to LCOs in order to develop their HTE plans.
A manual or a set of guidelines and instructions for use by development professionals, designed to address a specific challenge in project design.
A CD-ROM and website that provides free software and info about WSU Web services.
a collection of software tools that automates one type of software task or one phase of the software development process
a compilation of practical tools derived from good practices which can be applied by Country Offices
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a member benefit of the NPA
a set of generic functions that a GIS user can employ to manipulate and analyze geographic data
a set of related and reusable classes designed to provide useful, general purpose functionality
a set of semantically related Objects
a library of widgets that can be called by application programs
a set of programming components used to build OPEN LOOK GUI applications
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a near-term priority
a list of resources designed to facilitate access to information on a particular topic
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a work in progress