Definitions for "Toolbox "
A set of programs with icons and buttons that helps programmers develop software without having to create individual routines from scratch.
A container for action icons. There are three toolboxes: Personal Toolbox, General Toolbox, and Network Toolbox.
a group of icons that the user can click to perform various operations within a running application
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The toolbar which is visible when you first start Origin.
a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools
a box or case, often with compartments, in which tools are kept
A set of tools available (usually as a palette) within a program.
many software applications, especially ones with paint options, come with a toolbox, which appear on the screen in the form of a palette.
The floating palette of tools in Photoshop that contains the tools that are needed to select, edit, paint, and view areas of an image.
a collection of Flexible Learning Resources to assist delivery of Training Package qualifications
a collection of information materials and implementation tools, designed to facilitate the introduction of workplace interventions against HIV/AIDS
a collection of O-Matrix functions for analyzing time-dependent observations (time series)
Toolbox is a graphical configuration utility for the Blackbox window manager. It currently only does style configuration, but if the author receives sufficient request for more features, then toolbox will be expanded into an all-in-one blackbox configuration utility encompassing style-file configuration, ~/.bbkeysrc configuration for keygrabs, and blackbox menu configuration.
An area on a site that offers visitors a drop-down menu of useful functions.
Menu containing editing tools for arranging and editing audio and MIDI editors.
A sponsorship type of rich media that provides ample room both for advertiser branding and to serve as a tool for the user. While no animation is allowed in toolboxes, they can be image mapped.
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a group of different coping skills kids can "pull out and use" when they need help managing their mood
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n. In graphical user interfaces (GUIs), a container that provides a graphical way of grouping tasks.
A defined set of tools that a user might need for a particular task, such as database administration or software management. Each HP SIM toolbox is associated with a set of tools.
Contains the tools that let you draw, paint, select, and modify Flash graphics. The Toolbox is divided into the Tools, View, Colors, and Options areas.
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an application that works to provide installation commissioning tests for CDMA Base Stations
a panel that contains a set of controls and tools you use while designing your Web application
a Rapid Application Development Tool
a new practical guide for the founders of new churches, mentors, leaders and those involved in issues connected with building up new churches
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a widget that displays a column of tabs one above the other, with the current item displayed below the current tab
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