Definitions for "Toolbar"
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This is the bar seen extending horizontally along the top of the computer screen when you open most of your programs. It has a number of commands or 'buttons' which you click on to perform the basic, main tasks of the program.
A common user interface term that refers to any rectangular bar of buttons or icons with a set of related functions. For example, most browsers use a toolbar...
A collection of Buttons in a Tool.
a browser add-on for Internet Explorer
a browser add-on program that add features to your surfing and these days almost every other website is offering them
a little widget you add to your browser to make it more useful
A frame or special area that contains a set of other controls.
a composite frame that contains TGPictureButtons
a container, so it can contain other GUI components
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an example of a BHO
A type of sponsorship that is very effective because of its ability to be placed within the context of a page. They are not animated but can be image-mapped, making them especially useful for consumers.
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a group of tools of usually related functions
a strip of controls that allows convenient access to commonly-used functions
Tools that allow you interact with shared content in the content viewer. See also content viewer.
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a special type of canvas-view
an element of a Graphical User Interface system
an object used to let the user perform actions on an application
an extremely effective advertising tool that will keep your customers in touch with you
A toolbar, which is a grouping of controls that provide easy access to frequently used features.
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an in-process Component Object Model (COM) component
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a separate and fixed area at the top of the page