Definitions for "Tonnage"
Keywords:  cubic, maritime, cargo, deadweight, btu
The weight of goods carried in a boat or a ship.
The cubical content or burden of a vessel, or vessels, in tons; or, the amount of weight which one or several vessels may carry. See Ton, n. (b).
A duty or impost on vessels, estimated per ton, or, a duty, toll, or rate payable on goods per ton transported on canals.
Keywords:  extrated, quantity, situ, milled, mined
The quantity of ore making up an ore body, or the rate at which ore is extrated.
quantities where the ton or tonne is an appropriate unit of measure. Typically used to measure reserves of gold-bearing material in situ or quantities of ore and waste material mined, transported or milled.
Quantity of material measured in tonnes or tons.
Keywords:  idication, tot, inflicted, raw, logs
Idication in the raw logs of TOT damage inflicted to a field.
Generally refers to freight handled.
the number of tons of freight handled.
The measure by which injection molding machines are typically categorized, representing the clamping force of the injection molding machine.
Keywords:  rail, volume, transported
Volume transported by rail
Keywords:  catching, lots, fish
catching lots of fish, as in tons of fish.