Definitions for "Tola"
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A weight of British India. The standard tola is equal to 180 grains.
Unit of measurement used widely in India and the Middle East. One tola is equivalent to 11.1 grams or 0.375 ounces. See TT Bar.
An Indian unit of weight- one eightieth of a seer.
Tola (תּוֹלָע "Worm; grub", Standard Hebrew Tolaʻ, Tiberian Hebrew Tôlāʻ) was one of the Judges of Israel whose career is documented in Judges 10:1-2. Tola, the son of Puah and the grandson of Dodo from the tribe of Issachar, judged Israel for twenty-three years after Abimelech died and lived at Shamir in Mount Ephraim, where he was also buried.
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A balance.