Definitions for "Today"
the day that includes the present moment (as opposed to yesterday or tomorrow); "Today is beautiful"; "did you see today's newspaper?"
on this day as distinct from yesterday or tomorrow; "I can't meet with you today"
a beautiful day because
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"Today" is a popular song by The Smashing Pumpkins (then known as simply Smashing Pumpkins), and was written by lead vocals/guitarist Billy Corgan. It originally appeared on their 1993 album Siamese Dream, from which it was the second single. It is considered the breakthrough song that shot the Pumpkins into mainstream stardom.
The TODAY sessions were held in RCA's Studio C, Hollywood, CA March 10-12, 1975 and marked the last time Elvis Presley would ever record in a studio. The material (other than live songs) for his last two albums from "Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN" (1976) and "Moody Blue" (1977) were recorded at Graceland in the Jungle Room. Elvis last recorded at Studio C, Hollywood in 1972 where he recorded the gold records "Burning Love" and "Separate Ways".
Today is a record album by Galaxie 500 released in 1988 on the record label Aurora.
a crappy paper that basically has all the same articles as the other papers, seeing as its the AP mainly
a democratic, secular country
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Page highlighting the latest news and relevant Entities, Topics and Industries. Today can be viewed "globally" or after contextual Drill-Down s on Topics, Industries, Entities or geography.
a bit late to the party, but they have a good summary article on the topic ( Surge in crashes scars air ambulance industry )
a free monthly email newsletter that will automatically keep you up-to-date on the latest news, events, exhibitions and programs at the IMA
a free, bi-weekly news briefing
a major American news source
a nationwide provider of news reports
a beautifully misty day, perfect for leisurely procrastination from holiday tasks like installing back-up hard drives for the mom-in-law
a national holiday
a public holiday all states except South Carolina and Virginia
an amazing place
an Equal Opportunity Employer
a program that aims at providing students unfamiliar with Los Angeles with the opportunity to explore, discover, and learn the amazing venues, events, and culture that the City of Angels has to offer
a multi-Division company with Corporate Headquarters in Hyderabad (India) and manufacturing units in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa with a dedicated team of human resources striving for excellence
an excellent idea
an excellent resource because they will list a recent span of the pitchers outings
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a "little triangle on researched history for everyone interested in South Carolina history
an insult to everyone who suffers from this disease
an intrinsic part of the Indian family with cycles for everyone - kids, teens and adults
a real-world resource for motivating students to learn more about space exploration and how it's changing our world
a reminder that politically motivated detention in Malaysia can be a result of an array of vaguely worded restrictive legislation," Amnesty International said
a Bowienetter, or at least a frequenter of Internet parts such as this which might discuss same
a few weeks old, but it seems relevant to the "who" discussion
a shocking INDICTMENT of our society and the Demorcratic Party which seems to be full of SICK SEX FIEND
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a model for some Sunday editors, a style he calls 'McNews'
an op-ed piece by Fast Company founding editor Alan Webber
a few months old, but strolling through CVS this weekend, I saw Wheaties multivitamins for the first time
an American publication I do wish someone would incorporate a few of the remaining Canadian movie palaces on such a list
a neat, quiet place, imbued with the kind of melancholy that monumental feats of engineering tend to inspire when their time is over
a great place to start, so is a daily glance at one of the news Web sites
a great set of pointers to the most popular consumer health websites
a great site that gathers SCA related news from across the Known World
a good article about how high fuel prices are affecting people across America" It's only the beginning of the great transformation of the US economy--from an economy focused on meeting "wants" to an economy focused on meeting "needs
a McPaper which would probably prefer America look like a strip mall by a freeway on-ramp
a monthly publication of the Geological Society of America
a modern city rebuilt from the ashes of the military hub, with widened tree-lined boulevards that are home to one million people and a centre for advanced manufacturing and technical research
a modern company
a thoroughly modern metropolis
a partnership between Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Hartford Hospital and Trinity College
a successful Public-Private partnership, working to help small businesses succeed
a call-in show where community associations can gain insight into laws that apply to community associations
a good baseball writer
a labor organization representing writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable, interactive and new media industries
Today is an Australian morning television program broadcast weekdays from 6am on the Nine Network.
a tad upset with the pundits who have been covering the Republican Convention
a tremendous step in the fielding these aircraft for our Air Force, Navy, Marine, Allied, and Coalition warfighters
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a pathomnemonic specimen
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in these times; "it is solely by their language that the upper classes nowadays are distinguished"- Nancy Mitford; "we now rarely see horse-drawn vehicles on city streets"; "today almost every home has television"
a rare classic
a major culprit in that generation, this smacks of collusion and manipulation
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a USA Traitor
a program in the same vien which
a worthwhile endeavor to assist athletic programs as they represent the institution
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a different audience and a different approach
a far more lean, effective, and responsive organization that is better equipped to serve a diverse and changing audience
a radical approach to health care that is far different from most of our human history
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a "a tech-savvy doctor who fought smallpox
a multidisciplinary, international umbrella organization of vascular specialists
a recognized organization, not only in Brazil but also internationally, for the innovation and the coherence with that our mission had grown
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a microcosm of what might happen
an organization that does a fair and impartial evaluation of the dozens and dozens of products out there that claim to meet all of your SOA needs
a highly specialized gas company with development and applications expertise within a number of areas such as food technology, medicine, welding, environmental conservation, metallurgy, the process chemical industry, and electronics
a much more complex machine than in the past simply due to a much more diverse industry than in the past, but it is also a well-oiled machine and one that can truly make a difference in the future of this industry
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a car and we just put a bumper sticker on our car
a mainstay in that publication
a NON-bleed publication
a publication of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants
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a gift of clarity about the degree of evil Sony has wrought
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an image I'll never forget
a National Education Association (NEA
an educational program for anyone interested in the college recruiting process
a positive example of what works in agricultural education
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a terrible exchange for the readers
Keywords:  squalid, mutation, obscene, once
a squalid and obscene mutation of what it once was
a troubled airline that has stalled into bankruptcy twice in four years
Keywords:  hell, absolute, hole
an absolute Hell-hole
Keywords:  shread, effort, dollar, wasted, bill
a wasted, shread dollar bill effort
a known product, beloved and purchased by millions of Americans
Keywords:  joke, plain, simple
a joke, plain and simple
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a consequence
a key milestone in the future of European satellite navigation
a mere shadow of its former constitutional self
a stronger, more effective and more reliable tool for collision repairers who want both quality and competition
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a Macintosh based shop
a leading employee benefits company in the U
a leading employee benefits company in the US and selected markets around the world
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a game played for high stakes
Keywords:  journalism, fine, example
a fine example of what journalism should be
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a big fan of doing it too
a well-known moderate voice on regulatory issues
Keywords:  perfect, example
a perfect example
an interesting and straight-forward look at using a media PC
a daily, electronic communication of important information about the University community
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a break-down in family values, in my view
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a one-stop place to do many of the tasks quickly that used to take a long time
a completely different entity all together
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an example of this type of research
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Returns the current date.
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the present time or age; "the world of today"; "today we have computers"