Definitions for "to Z"
a child-centered, cooking activity book for young children ages two and up
a comprehensive analysis of the most popular diets in the world today
a comprehensive compilation, in dictionary format
a comprehensive, well-integrated health and medical resource for consumers
a first-of-its-kind resource
a free access ice hockey resource, developed by The Ice Hockey Annual and Graphyle Consultants, for hockey fans world-wide
an encyclopedic dictionary of place names and history of the Anza-Borrego Desert in southern California
an encyclopedic roadmap to the challenging questions and potential answers facing today's seniors and their children
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a coloring/learning book about Rhode Island
a fun and exciting way for children to explore learning their ABC's
a fun book for quick easy reference
a terrific opportunity for Museum visitors to further enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the artwork
a terrific reference for the most popular indicators in use today
a handy Statistical Rolodex
an extensive encyclopedia
an outstanding book, a true encyclopedia of the Liberty ship, its design, construction, statistics, and problems
a complete, easy-to-read guide to the acting profession for actors of any age who want to pursue a career
a complete pregnancy guide
a guide to Dickens's life, works, characters, the Victorian context in which he lived and wrote, and the critics and scholars who have commented on his novels
a treat for Disneyphiles and trivia buffs alike
an authoritative, fully-illustrated volume that allows the reader the knowledge of its expert author
an ideal companion for readers who wish to experience fully the fascinating and entertaining achievements of the father of English Poetry
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a trademark of MECC
a growing directory of county council, district council, voluntary and community sector services for the people of Wiltshire
a Seattle-based directory of web
a Web site directory and search engine that has been cataloged by medical professionals who have an understanding and strong background in health and medicine
Keywords:  nyc, downtown, cdr, dvd, manufacturing
a full-service CD/DVD/CDR manufacturing and printing company located in downtown NYC
Keywords:  ohhla, lyrics, great, place, finding
a form of business in which we place great value
a great place to start
a great site for finding lyrics, but I usually go to ohhla
a must have reference for that exciting time in our history
an overview of the personalities and events of the Hippy Movement, how they influenced the course of history and transformed American society
Keywords:  techie, bit, non
a bit techie for this non-techie
Keywords:  nice, pinot, fruity, big
a nice pinot, a big fruity pinot
a small brokerage firm specializing in Canadian Pacific commercial fishing quota, licences, vessels, and equipment
a single-volume reference to virtually everything one needs--or wants--to know about the Bard
a production of Corfe Marketing Group, Inc
Keywords:  dachshunds, love, people, share, group
a group of people that share a love for dachshunds
a complete list of electronic journals licensed by the USC Health Sciences Libraries
a coordinated approach
a searchable database offering information about diseases, disabilities, institutes, organizations, and treatment approaches
a useful addition to any personal or library collection to acquaint users with the technological features of the computer
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
a "user friendly" and recommended addition to personal and academic Buddhist Studies reference collections
a balanced blend of multi-vitamins and minerals now with added lutein
a top-selling ebook detailing strategies to help you build a life-changing income
an extremely useful addition to your backpack
a new company offering Contemporary designer jewellery pieces
Keywords:  trader, investor
a must for every trader and investor
a unique glossary of terms used in formal logic and the philosophy of mathematics
Keywords:  pet, species, features, links, index
an index of all the pets covered here, and provides links to more information or features about each type or species of pet
a 'work in progress' and we intend to update it continuously
Keywords:  idea, interesting
an interesting idea
Keywords:  archive, links, papers, related, sites
an archive of papers and links to related sites
Keywords:  start, good, place
a good place to start
Keywords:  memory, hold, different, number
a different memory, and can hold a different number
Keywords:  investment, low, high, cost, value
a high-value, low-cost investment
Keywords:  publication, useful
a useful publication when out and about