Definitions for "TNT "
explosive consisting of a yellow crystalline compound that is a flammable toxic derivative of toluene
trinitrotoluene uranium
Trinitrotoluene, a high explosive.
TNT is a Norwegian hard rock band.
TNT is a 1998 album by Tortoise.
TNT is the ninth album by Tanya Tucker. Working with a new producer in Jerry Goldstein, Tucker drifts away from her earlier country style to do a much more rock-based effort. She covers well-known rock songs originally performed by such artists as Buddy Holly ("Not Fade Away"), Elvis Presley ("Heartbreak Hotel"), and Chuck Berry ("Brown Eyed Handsome Man").
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TNT is an Emacs client for AIM, AOL's free instant messaging service. Using TNT, you can, from the comfort of your Emacs window, check whether friends and coworkers are online, send them "instant messages", and join them in multi-party private chat sessions. Unlike the official AIM clients, TNT is designed to be functional rather than pretty, easy to use rather than easy to learn.
TNT is an open source instant messaging client which is designed to use AIM and uses AOLs TOC Protocol. The client is run within Emacs, and is written in Emacs Lisp.
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Tanjug - Nauka - Tehnika
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Té lé vision Numé rique Terrestre
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TNT is a DC Comics superhero from the 1940s.
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Takeback N Transfer
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twist n' turn. Refers to Barbie's waist. Patented in 1966. Barbie dolls made last week & sitting on the toy store shelves right at this very minute can be marked 1966 due to this patent.
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(The NeWSTM Toolkit) (n.) See NeWSTM system.
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3d graphics hardware by nVidia
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Till Next Time
Transactions Network Team
Turner Network Television
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Total Nitrogen Time
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Treating to New Targets