Definitions for "TNM"
A system for describing stages of cancer. T describes the size of the tumor and whether it has grown into nearby tissues. N describes any lymph nodes involved. M describes metastasis.
A tumour staging system for classifying patients with thyroid cancer into groups based on tumour size (T), presence of lymph node metastases (N), and the presence of distant metastases (M). Also referred as "tumour-node-metastasis."
An abbreviation for tumor, lymph nodes, and metastases, a method of describing important features about a cancer.
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TNM, which is short for TourNaMent, is a text-based pro wrestling simulation game for DOS, although it will run on all versions of Windows. The program was created by Oliver Copp.
See Translator Network Management.
Translator Network Management. Wordbank department that sources external suppliers for localization projects. Members of this department are known as Translator Network Managers.