Definitions for "TMF"
Terminal Multi-information transfer Facility. Batch Macro used to program PBX keys. This protocol is used so that PCs can talk to each other.
Terminated Merchant File. Merchants with excessive chargebacks are stripped of their merchant account and the ability to accept credit card orders. The merchant is then placed on the TMF match list that all Merchant Service Providers have access to. Being placed on this file can keep you from obtaining another merchant account for several years.
Terminated Merchant File. A file listing the names of merchants and their principals whose bankcard relationship has been terminated by the acquirer.
threat management force
Tivoli Management Framework. Provides basic system administration capabilities, as well as a set of foundation services for management applications, including a Tivoli administrator facility, an administrative privilege facility, a system policy facility, and a notification facility.
See Tivoli Management Framework (TMF).
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