Definitions for "Tithes"
Keywords:  tenth, feudal, parish, clergy, commuted
An offering to God, given to the priests, consisting of a tenth of agricultural produce.
The old feudal right of the clergy to claim one tenth of all produce and animals within the parish. Later changed to payment of monies and finally commuted from 1836.
The 'first fruits' of the harvest. More accurately, it is donations made to a Weyr by the Holds and Halls in its territory, to support the Weyr so that the dragonriders can concentrate on fighting Thread and caring for their dragons, instead of having to work at other jobs to support themselves. Tithes consist of food, leather goods, healers' services, fabrics, and anything else needed to run a settlement of dragonriders.
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Three Required? See also Gifts, Offerings
gifts, usually of money or produce, that are given to the church on a regular basis