Definitions for "TIPS"
Treasury Inflation-Protected Security. A security which is identical to a treasury...
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. Trasury bonds with the added advantages of having its par value adjusted every six months for inflation based on the CPI and having coupon payments calculated using the bond's revised value.
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. Treasury bonds issued by the government of the US whose coupon and principal payments are linked to the US Consumer Price Index (CPI). The principle of TIPS is very similar to that of index-linked Gilts in the UK, although the method of inflation-indexation differs.
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11-19 (tic-tac)
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The furthest most tee box from the green.
The ends of the wings furthest from the elbow
Another name for PICKS.
These are selections chosen by an expert to bet on (also known as "picks").
See selections.
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Tri-isopropyl silyl
1) The uppermost leaves on a flue-cured tobacco plant. 2) The uppermost leaves on a burley tobacco plant. 3) The pointed ends of tobacco leaves (located farthest from the stalk), which are often removed during processing.
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Payments given in addition to base wage or salary for a service performed or anticipated. See Bonus and Commission.
Section in the Career Kokua Occupations file which are constructive suggestions for obtaining employment in the occupation.
Wages shall include any tips that are reported to the employer in writing.
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Tennesse Infant Parent Services
Transatlantic Industrial Proposed Solution
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Tips is the second biggest audio company in India after T-Series. Tips has released more than 700 music titles under its label.
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Half racing plates worn by some horses for a race.
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The extreme book corners.
Treatment Improvement Protocols.