Definitions for "Tipitaka"
tipi.taka; Skt. tripitaka]: The Buddhist (Pali) Canon. Literally, "three baskets," in reference to the three principal divisions of the Canon: the Vinaya Pitaka (disciplinary rules); Sutta Pitaka (discourses); and Abhidhamma Pitaka (abstract philosophical treatises). [ MORE
(ti pi ta ka) (Sanskrit: Tripitaka) The foundational "Three Baskets" of Buddha"s teachings.
The Three Baskets of Buddhist scripture, comprised of the Suttapitaka (the discourses), the Vinayapitaka (rules governing the monastic order) and the Abhidhammapitaka (Buddhist psychology). There are significant differences between the Theravada and Mahayana canons.
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Software relate to deal with Tipitaka data which is xml. For example, Relative parallel markup can seperate the text data from the xml markup and assembly back to form the original data.Tipitaka Audio, software for recording tipitaka voice.