Definitions for "TIP-IN"
Normally, a separate page pasted into a finished book with a strip of adhesive.
Preprinted piece bound or partially bound into a periodical, book or daytimer-type calendar. Used usually as a response device.
A separately printed leaf or card pasted (or tipped) into a book. Usually entails handwork during the bindery process, which requires extra time and money.
Empujar o cachetear un lanzamiento errado dentro del aro. Un "Put Back" en nuestra terminología del análisis de las Stats.
Keywords:  sluggish, jerky, clutch, concert, pedal
A car's response to one's initial depression of the accelerator pedal. Overly aggressive tip-in may lead to jerky progress, just as the opposite can make a car feel sluggish. With manual-shift cars, accelerator and clutch efforts are best when in concert.
Keywords:  basket, rebound, missed, shot, goal
Is a field goal made by tipping a rebound into the basket, usually with the fingers of one hand.
To tip a missed shot into the basket.